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©Michael Winters

minutelovestories began in 2010.
Since its inception, over 100 approximately 200-word short stories orbiting moments of love, in their transformative, galvanizing, confusing, hilarious, and befuddling forms, now exist. A selection of favorites from the whole is featured here while the mls blog, an assemblage of art, poetry, and literary goads, can be found here.

Dusty Trophies [minutelovestory 117]

With knees like macaroni, she couldn’t quite lift her feet. White sneakers hip width apart, she swung her arms from her sides, outstretched and above her head, wriggling her hands as if she were signaling a searching helicopter, as if she were trapped among apocalyptic boom rubble, her zigzagged body coated with the silt of […]

Draper’s Dead Body [minutelovestory #115]

Lately he’s taken to carrying paperbacks with us on errands. The other afternoon in front of the swap shop, he pulled a copy of Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” out from underneath his seat and folded it back onto itself, the spine having acquiesced some time ago. It’s been hot this week, so he puts […]

Bereavement [minutelovestory #80]

I’m in mourning. I’m in the midst of bereavement. That’s it. My walk to work used to be five hundred twenty-four feet from door-to-door. I knew the city, its walkups and its trees, its graffiti, some of it partly obliterated by the city’s attempts to sanitize its streets. I knew the homeless slumped on its […]