Epaulets [minutelovestory #37]

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From the kitchen, she’d heard water running. In minutes, she’d found Luis naked, seated on the edge of the tub, flaccid penis and balls pressed up against its unsympathetic coldness, shrinking from it even while huddling up against it as some sort of porcelain ballast. In her fleece robe, barefoot, Bonnie had asked him what he was doing. She didn’t ask him to leave. Luis explained in untroubled tones: “I give massages in the nude.” The strain of clothing rubbing against his own body, impairing the movements he wished to impart from his own to another’s, was brutal against his skin. Luis lived as a nudist, exclusively existing naked within his own home. Bonnie thought, ‘Like Britney Spears and Steven Tyler.’ The wiry hairs on his shoulders stood on end like epaulets. She stared at them, considering their profound strength in standing upright, the shower tile behind him becoming more and more blurred with her blinkless gaze. The closeness of his pale, naked form intimately behaving like a lover reminded Bonnie of something or someone, but definitely not of Richard, who had nosed around in their darkened bedroom for years like a needy puppy.