Penned [minutelovestory #28]

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Young parents surrounded the pen of the petting zoo. A few mothers jiggled a fussy toddler on a hip. Most idly sipped coffee from paper cups, promptly deposited in the correct color- coded bin once emptied. Pairs of women’s legs in varying proportions, most encased in black spandex, exposed well-built muscles earned from the individualized attention of a personal trainer. A bluegrass trio twanged and plucked – the Sunday morning soundtrack.

One of the most lithe blondes, boasting a recent pedicure of Fireberry, black Raybans shielding her eyes, pressed against the spindly picketing, staring impassively while her daughters, ages five and two, both blonde, both more serious than she had expected of her own offspring, ran about with two geese, several pygmy goats, three chickens, and a tiny, delicate lamb. ‘A cavalcade of cuteness,’ she mused.

“You know,” a voice from beside her gullied, “those farm animals are crapping all over the kids.” She turned to her left. He was unfamiliar in a button-down shirt thin enough to reveal his ill- chosen black Hanes t-shirt beneath. Likely not even a parent, given his stubbornly factious tone.

She sighed and thought, ‘Let my kids run around in crap. They’re just babies.’