First Love/Worst Love

First Love/Worst Love premiered at L.A.’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, with four individual performances throughout the month of June at the Open Fist Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Existing somewhere between a play and an experimental performance piece with an ensemble cast of L.A. actors, First Love/Worst Love is a non-linear staged expression of contemporary love stories, stories mostly about struggling with the humor and heartbreak of love, often simultaneously.

The twelve intersecting stories of First Love/Worst Love were written specifically for this production; brought to life by actors Hayley J. Williams, Len Davies, Maggie Lehman, Seth Burnham, and Anna Moon, the First Love/Worst Love characters’ voices range in age and sexuality, with variegated gender roles and perspectives, each of them identifying as someone in the lapses, statis, earliest leaps or deepest hollows of love. By way of repetitive movements and gestures and in the use of specific props, there’s a sense of confinement in their shared world of anecdotal accounts about the inevitable disappointment, fervor, fear, indolence, and hopelessness in traversing love.

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Shown top: Hayley J. Williams
middle: Hayley J. Williams, Len Davies
bottom: Maggie Lehman, Seth Burnham, Anna Moon

Hayley (First Love_Worst Love)

Hayley and Len (First Love_Worst Love)

Trio (First Love_Worst Love)