Valentine [minutelovestory #8]

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It was all about Betty. The smell of her pilled bathrobe, faint tuberose, soft and embedded in the acrylic fibers, reminded Norman of her body, which helped in remembering she was once on this earth, that she didn’t turn into vapor and that she is and was more than just pictures from yearly visits to Sarasota when the New York winters overtook them. In the winter of 1998, Syracuse was blanketed by snow, encrusted with ice, and Betty and Norman flew to Greece, an unlikely dalliance in their seasonal escapes. She swam topless at Ai Giannis beach, where Shirley Valentine was filmed, and he wanted desperately for her to cover herself. She was confident and graceful in her semi-nude state.  He’d have seemed like a small-minded, myopic cad to suggest for her to feel otherwise, so he sat quietly, his hands tightly bound together, while she backstroked and floated, her voluminous breasts rising in and out of the water, exposure and chasteness vying for dominance.